The Photography

Show 2018

NEC Birmingham


The Challenge

For the 5th year running Canon asked us to deliver their biggest UK event. The Photography Show is a one stop trade fair for all things photography. The 2018 stand was a re-install so we were challenged to make the difference.


Creating innovative shoot subjects for interactive zones, facilitating over 150 products and to project the new branding behind this market leading giant.


We are lucky, we’ve been working with Canon for over 10 years, we work closely with the marketing team to enable the brand to project into the physical, to guide its customers to become inspired and explore the world through photography and image.


By inviting people in and helping them discover new things with a sense of wonder enables a personal connection with the brand.


The Canon Experience is one that is brought to life across multiple touch points, Inspire, Absorb, Touch and Express. These four states help to create a balanced functional experience with inspiring story telling.

We make sure what we say always gets delivered.

Always on time and on budget.


Canon’s UK programme of events range from 330sqm to 4sqm.

Our clients brand has to be equally considered no matter what size or output.

We make sure the brand is protected and the deliverables work in the arena they are proposed for. 

“Creative and consistent, these are what we ask for and Sonder continue to deliver

Jennifer Sanson

Events & Hospitality Professional, Canon UK

1 Year, 14 Events

It’s now Sonder’s 3rd year of delivering award-winning stands for Canon.

We have great relations with our clients and find the most successful work comes from working together as a team and having a little fun along the way.


The competitive nature and the inherent characteristic to win stuff.


We all love Kudos so its a no-brainer to use Interactive offers to gain an audience.

Out there

A series of campaigns, projected across events and London stores, presenting product and storytelling.

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